Words about words

This is not a diary. I won’t tell you some quirky anecdote about something that happened to me that you don’t care about. This is a blog about the craft of fiction writing.

When it comes to getting the words on the page, nobody knows anything. You’ll hear, read and be told by many people about all the rules behind creating a novel, screenplay, haiku or whatever. They’ll tell you that if your story doesn’t reach the first act turning point by page whatever, you’re doomed for storytelling hell, a place where Hemingway takes pot shots at you with his favorite shotgun while Bukowski drinks all your beer.

It’s bullshit, there are no rules. Anyone who tells you otherwise should be hunted out and exposed for the creative cowards that they are.

Fiction isn’t conjured up in a mystical moment by some poor writer burning the midnight oil in front a typewriter. Fiction is built using the same methodology a carpenter uses to build a house and it is those writing tools that this blog will explore. From writing fast and through rejection, to what the best drinks to write by are.

This blog won’t make you a better writer, only you can do that. But what it will share with you are the practices that have worked for me. Steal, adapt, borrow from them what you will. But don’t dare think the way that I do things, is the only way to get words on the page. Find out what works for you and don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong.


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