The neighbours hate me. I’ve been blasting rock ‘n roll all day and have been playing it loud. I’m putting together a list of around 200 songs that are kind of the musical personality of the book and will play on repeat for the next couple of months as I write. 

Here’s a few of the highlights:

1) Cherry Pie – Warrant
2) I Love Rock ‘n Roll – Joan Jett
3) Ice, Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
4) 99 Luft Balloons – Nena
5) Boys in Town – The Divinyls
6) If You Want Blood – AC/DC
7) Paradise City – Gunners
8) Common People – Pulp
9) O.P.P. – Naughty by Nature
10) Blister in the Sun – Femmes

(Due to some plot issues that I won’t go into, all music is from 1980 to 1999 – but all of it is awesome).


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