The Adventures of Abigail Storm: How Abby got an Agent


A couple of months ago I gave manbirth to what I called the last draft of The Adventures of Abigail Storm. I was deluded, because like a screenplay, a novel is only ever complete once someone pulls the bastard kicking and screaming away from you. But it was finished (sorta). Well, it was ready to read (I hoped).

So I sent that bad boy out into the publishing world; the first step – a new agent. Now people always ask ‘how do I get an agent?’ Now there’s a hundred different ways to do that and stalking isn’t one of them. For me, the first thing I did was make a list of writers who write books that are similar to the books I write, and then found out who their agents were. Once I had a list of twenty agents that were awesome I spent a week crafting a query letter. Now I’m not kidding here, one solid working week writing and re-writing the one liner, one paragraph and one page synopsis. By the end of that week I was sick of every single word I had written, but every single word I had written also rocked and rolled off the page. When I absolutely, positively couldn’t make any sentence leaner and meaner, I started sending out emails – five a week for four weeks. And then I waited… And I waited… then I doubted everything I had ever written in my entire life… And then I waited some more. I even entertained the idea of a different career path… Could I really be a back-up singer for the Rolling Stones?

Then the replies started rolling in. After two months of self doubt and wondering if my email was working, here are the query stats:

9 Rejections
8 Non-Replies
3 Manuscript Requests + 3 Offers of representation

All three agents were awesome and after a few phone conversations I decided to go with Scott Miller from Trident Media. Funnily enough, the number 1 agent at the top of my list was the one who I ended up going with. I can’t wait to work with Scott on this project and the others in the future.

The Adventures of Abigail Storm is one step closer to being unleashed on the world. A huge thanks to everyone who had been involved in the project so far, especially Matthew Vaughan​, Tara Goedjen​ and Hugh Jenkins​